Privacy Policy

In the information below you will find out all you need to know on what information we collect on our website users, and also how we use it. Let’s get started!

For anyone who visits our website:

Our website is powered by Shopify, who have made sure that ecommerce stores, like us, have the opportunity to create webstores on their platform that are compliant with the GDPR. You can find out more about that by clicking here.

Shopify automatically records the following information from visitors on our behalf:

Visitor location by country
How visitors get to our website (the ‘referrer’, for example, Facebook or Instagram)
Whether visitors have accessed our website before
What type of device visitors are using (mobile vs. Desktop computer)

This information detailed above will be taken from any visitor who accesses . The use of this information is for analytical purposes only. Firstly, This means that it is taken to improve the functionality of our website. Secondly, it gives us an idea of where to invest our time and efforts into as a company. For example, if everyone’s coming to our website from Facebook, maybe we won’t spend so much time trying to get people interested on Snapchat!

For anyone who creates a customer account:

Full name
E-mail address

For anyone who places an order

Full name
E-mail address
Contact number (if you choose to share that with us)
Delivery address
Details of your order

To anyone who consents to using his/her/their personal data to the full extend of our privacy policy:

This is an important part of this page, as these are the terms that you can either agree or disagree to when visiting our website! To make it a little simpler, we’ve separated this section into two parts: analytics, and advertising/targeting.

Analysis: anonymous data in aggregated

Analysis! What do we mean by that? We place a Google Analytics tracking code on every page of our website. This allows us to how users (that’s you) behave on our website.

Are you interested in certain pages over others, and do you spend longer on certain pages?
Is one of our pages really, really slow, and is it making people get bored and clicking off more than our other pages?
Are you really just not that interested that one product we’ve had on our website for months?
What route do users generally take when making a purchase on our website?

We can gather data that answers these questions, and then making changes to the structure and functionality of our website so that you have the best experience possible, and hopefully you’ll be more likely to make a purchase. However, we will only do this within Google Analytics if you consent to this. Hang on, I hear you say, didn’t you mention this above in the ‘applies to everyone’ section? Yes, this is true. However, firstly the data that Shopify collects is 1) very, very basic 2) does not require consent under GDPR law 3) we can’t stop them collecting that data in the first place because they power our website…

Advertising and targeting

And then there is advertising. By placing the tracking code on our website, we can see information on users within Google Analytics such as gender and age, which allows us to target our future marketing campaigns towards certain audiences that are more likely to buy our product. We also advertise on social media, such as Facebook and Instagram. We’ve installed what’s called a Facebook Pixel on our website. When you click on an advert on your Facebook newsfeed it might take you to our website. If you agree to sharing your data with us, and then you also make a purchase on our website, that information will be sent back to Facebook and we will all go hooray! we’ve made some money. Or maybe, on one of our adverts on Facebook people just are not purchasing. We will be able to see within Facebook that the advert has a low performance because you have given us access to your data. Maybe we will then decide to stop that advert, or change something about it.

Retargeting: the last aspect to mention about advertising is retargeting. It’s also known as the ‘I was just browsing this product on a website, and now it’s on my Facebook feed…?’ scenario. Some people say this is a little strange. But, actually our data has shown that retargeting adverts are really effective. Sometimes you just can’t be bothered to checkout - we get it, something interesting probably happened on TV. If you share your data with us, we will then be able to retarget you on Social Media and Google (including its ‘affiliate sites’), using adverts. If you do not like that, you absolutely do not have to consent to it.


Did you consent to us taking your personal data and want to revoke that consent? Just click here. From the point of you clicking, our website will no longer take information from you that reaches to the full extent of our privacy policy (see above). If you would like data that has already been taken from you to be erased, please get in contact at