Small changes, big effect

Small changes, big effect

Redecorating a room can be expensive. This post is all about small accessories that create big changes. They allow you to make a house a home without it becoming a rather expensive affair!

explore galore print

fairy lights on window

Adding fairy lights in a creative way to a room can be really effective. The above photo looks trendy and attractive, and the poster and lights did not cost very much at all! In the second photo, we've put to use all those shot glasses that end up being lost or forgotten and made them part of the light display!

upcycled glass wine bottle

This lamp is pre-made, however it would be so easy to create one of these by yourself. All you would need is an empty bottle, some fairy lights, and some stylish ribbon to top it off.

bunting for room made with materials from art shop

One can only have so many lights to hang around the room. Buying bunting or getting creative with materials can be really fun, and you get a home accessory out of it.

Incense burner used for decorative purposes

If you are trying to create a tranquil atmosphere, perhaps considering getting some sea shells and creating your own window sill display! This incense burner was bought for £10 at a local market, and although its purpose is solely aesthetic, it matches the tranquil look really well.

Mannequin used as decor

Remember, as always with upcycling, just keep an eye out for items that could be accessorised. This mannequin has been brought to life with juxtaposed modern and vintage accessories  - it even has a functional use as a place to keep a pair of headphones and a purse!

We hope you've found some inspiration for your bedroom in this post, remember: small changes, big effect. Stay tuned for next time.

The Mango Tree Team 

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