Red & White Decor

Red and white is a classic look. It brings life to a room and creates a dynamic look. This particular blog post will focus on creating this look in the kitchen, however the colour scheme is applicable to any room.

It's obviously advantageous if you have red quite obviously embedded into the kitchen such as seen in the picture above, however adding red accessories or kitchenware after the kitchen has been fitted can without doubt still create a fantastic look. For example, check out the photo below:

The kitchen above clearly has a cohesive look - it has a homely, yet tidy feel. It is greatly aided by the bold red Smeg fridge (click here to shop for one) For this feel, we recommend shopping in Cath Kidston - if you don't know the company already, a short browse on their store will reveal why they are perfect for this look. One simple addition for this look is adding a red and white checkered such as this table cloth from dunelm, along with red seat pads from the same company. This can also be used to create a more rustic, shabby look (for example with a slightly weathered looking wood table, and shabby vintage furniture).

cupboard knobs

These set of knobs do not really need an explanation! They are perfect for the red and white combination in a household. Click on the photo above to grab a pair from our store.

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