Pumpkins need not be scary...

Pumpkins need not be scary...


The Mango Tree Team took a trip down the road to Priory Farm, Surrey to go pumpkin picking! Yes, this is a thing. After traipsing through the farm and checking out the cream of the crop, these pumpkins above are the lucky ones that made the pick. Who knew pumpkins came in so many shapes, colours, and sizes? On that note, did you also know that pumpkins can make pretty fantastic seasonal home accessories?


Our first home accessory is the flower pumpkin. We couldn't find any white pumpkins this year so we improvised and painted them white instead!  A couple of coats of white emulsion seem to have done the trick. We found these lovely fresh flowers and fruits to make a stunning table display or decorative feature.  Do you have a halloween get together planned? Or are looking to impress your friends around the 31st? If so, would this not be a great party trick to show everyone? So try out your artistic skills and see what amazing designs you can come up with.


Next in line is our autumn leaves pumpkin. These beautiful leaves in seasonal colours look very effective on the white background. Gathering the necessary leaves also gives you an excuse to take a trip to your local urban parks, or favourite country spots to appreciate the changing colours of autumn. Maybe even take the kids along so they can play with the falling leaves - or just do it yourself we're certainly not judging!


If you want to take it up a notch, look no further than our 'haute couture' eau de nil pumpkin - it's all dressed up for the cat walk!  It has a very glamorous effect,  and is hand painted in copper tones with gold hearts. We grabbed the first thing that was circular in shape, drew around it in pencil, and then painted within the circles. Please note that all these accessories were not in fact done by our resident artist, but by the Customer Services and Marketing team - so if we can do it, you certainly can! Wouldn't it look lovely as a centre piece on a dining room table?

pumpkin decor

If you're looking for some accessories to go with these pumpkins, check out our blog post here. As a last note, we don't want all these lovely pumpkins going to waste so if anybody knows a good recipe for pumpkin soup or pumpkin pie please let us know!  You can contact the Mango Tree team at info@mangotreeknobs.com or join us and all our friends at www.facebook.com/mangotreeknobs/

Remember to enjoy autumn whilst it lasts!

The Mango Tree Team

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