Patterns and Prints: decor

Patterns and Prints: decor

Are you looking to find accessories that compliment a bedroom splashed with patterns or prints? Then you've come to the right place! In fear of creating an overwhelming look, or putting too many accessories into a small room, we recommend choosing exciting functional items as opposed to adding excess amounts of accessories. We have recommended spending extra time on finding good basics: bedside tables, lamps, furniture, and (of course!) doorknobs.

headboard bedroom decor

Our first stop is antique shopping. If you are on a budget, we recommend looking through cheaper options, such as the antique section on eBay. If you have a more dosh to splash, then perhaps look at websites that specialise in selling antiques. For example, brings together antique dealers and customers like you. The same goes for the furniture - this chest of drawers is the look that you want to be going for. You may want to find a plain chest of drawers and paint it up!

vintage cupboard knobs

We have chosen this set to go with the patterns & prints look because the glass and ceramic doorknobs compliment its classy and vintage look. Two of the doorknobs in this set have elegant patterns on them, which will compliment outside patterns without becoming overbearing. Just click on the photo above to grab a pair from our store!

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