Slate & Saffron Mood Board

Slate & Saffron Mood Board

Now that Autumn is fast approaching why not refresh your room scheme with these sophisticated colours mixing saffron yellows and golds with slate and silver shades of grey.  Our Saffron and Slate mood boards help you to see how the colours, textures and styles go so well together.

slate and saffron mood board

We've included wallpaper and materials from Laura Ashley, some very stylish door knobs from Mango Tree Knobs and of course Michelle's pom pom that helped inspire her room makeover.  Check out Michelle's blog for further details.

slate and saffron pillows

Adding cushions and throws is such a great way to bring a quick and easy change of style to your living room or bedroom.  Saffon and slate is definitely the in colour and we found an amazing variety in these exciting tones in every major high street store.

slate and saffron cupboard knobs

This is a new mixed set of ceramic cupboard knobs created by the Mango Tree team in a variety of Saffron yellows and Slate greys.  These drawer knobs would add lovely finish to a chest of drawers or a small cupboard that needs a revamp.  These are available to purchase from the Mango Tree shop, just click on the photo above to go straight to the link.

emilie fitzgerald wood art painting

Adding other accessories linked to this Saffron and Slate colour scheme will help to create the look. This beautiful little painting of a tree was painted by Emilie Fitzgerald. Emilie only uses fallen trees from local forests and cuts the wood herself.  She then treats the wood and paints beautiful designs on them and donates part of her sales to the Woodland Trust which supports local woods and wildlife.  Emilie has painted this in oils on reclaimed wood. Emilie is our in house designer at Mango Tree Knobs and you can check out the range of hand painted cupboard knobs that she has designed for us called Exclusively Emilie by clicking here.

grey basket decor

Saffron and Slate is a look that blends really well with natural wood finishes and even this wicker picnic hamper and basket of pine cones helps to give a welcoming feel to the room.

autumn colours ceramic cupboard knobs


This mixed set of ceramic cupboard knobs would look so lovely on a wooden cupboard and these are currently on sale at Mango Tree Knobs but only for a limited period so don't delay!

We found some exciting products in the John Lewis Home store that would look brilliant with our Saffron and Slate mood board. This velvet sofa by Loaf is exquisite and such a great size!  It's a cosy small two seater that's just perfect to fit in where a normal two seater would be too large. Click on the photo above to see it in store.

We love this bed linen from John Lewis in the Saffron and Slate colours.  It's modern but still has a warm and cosy feeling and makes you want to just climb in and get ready for those chilly autumn nights. Click on the photo above to see it in store.

We found so many cushions on the high street in Saffron and Slate but we particularly like this selection from John Lewis.  Love the counting sheep cushion, both stylish and fun. Click on the photo above to see it in store.

Hope we have helped to inspire your next makeover.  If you haven't read Michelle's blog then go to Michelle loves.... to get further tips and ideas.

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