Michelle loves: Slate & Saffron

Michelle loves: Slate & Saffron

Confessions of an Accessory Addict

I love accessorising with colours and textures, whether it’s something as simple as a new lipstick or scarf to brighten up an outfit; cushions, candles and home accessories to ring the changes in a room and don’t get me started on shoes and handbags!

Sadly the shoes and handbags can be an expensive business but an easy and enjoyable way to change the mood, suit the season, reinvent any room in the house is to inject a new accent colour with a few well chosen accessories.

slate and saffron decor

I like to keep the background palette in my home generally neutral soft greys, shades of white and cream and then ring the changes with colour in soft furnishings and finishing touches. Even moving accessories around from one room to another can give a room a whole new look and lease of life.

slate and saffron decor

Changing bedlinen for a warmer look, I was about to put away the lovely saffron and grey throw I had used as a layer over white bedlinen this summer, when I decided it was too nice to confine to a drawer! Cue living room seasonal re vamp – the throw looked beautiful on the arm of one of my neutral sofas. A couple of soft grey cushions (one knitted, one velvet) came down from the loft from last years’ cool grey theme and I was on a roll! Next thing I was taking a spare button from a lovely mustard yellow cardigan, and making a woollen pom pom from a left over ball of wool to decorate a cushion.

slate and saffron ceramic door knobs

Off to my lovely friends at The Mango Tree for a couple of saffron cabinet knobs and my makeover is complete.


If you want to look at this new set now available just click on the photo below:

slate and saffron set of cupboard knobs


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