How to fit door knobs

How to fit door knobs

How do I fit my new door knobs?

Watch our video and scroll through our guide to find out how to fit your doorknobs :)



Can I change the cap?

Most of our round ceramic and flower shape ceramic knobs are supplied with decorative caps but these can be easily changed if you would like an alternative look.

Remove the decorative cap completely for a simple, chic look see below:


Most of Mango Tree Knobs are supplied with the decorative cap as shown below:



Alternatively you can change over to the smooth finish caps as shown below:



If you like this look or if you find that the decorative cap sometimes catch on to things and you would like to change them over then email us at and we will arrange to post some out to you free of charge.


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I’ve found plenty of helpful information on your site this page in particular. Thanks for posting.


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