Art and the Home

Art and the Home

This week we've decided to explore the role of real art in your home. We all know that purchasing art can be incredibly pricey, however with a bit of digging you may find a real bargain. Sourcing from local shops, small exhibitions or finding work produced by art students is a great way to both help these artist communities and at the same time acquire some lovely pieces of artwork at slightly more affordable prices.

During this post we will be featuring Emilie Fitzgerald, an artist with whom we at Mango Tree collaborate regularly. Here are some examples of small paintings that could add a great finishing touch to a room.

painting of countryside by Emilie Fitzgerald

The picture above would be clearly at home in a country cottage, whereas the photo below would be absolutely perfect if you live by the sea.

Painting of seaside by Emilie Fitzgerald

However they need not all be on canvases! Here Emiile has come up with the unique idea of painting on slices of wood. She finds fallen trees in the countryside, and then saws them herself before painting on them (I know, it sounds a lot of effort - thank goodness there are people out there who do stuff like this for us!). 10% of all revenues she makes from these is donated to The Woodland Trust, a charity who support Woodlands conservation. If you want to see more of Emilie's art, just click on any of these photos and you will be redirected to her instagram page.

painting of tree on wood by Emilie Fitzgerald

Painting of wood by Emilie Fitzgerald

Of course, if you are willing to treat yourself who wouldn't love a landscape oil painting like this? It's so beautiful and would make your room look so elegant. This type of art is a particularly good feature if your walls and decor contain neutral colours, such as whites, creams and greys.

Exclusively Emilie collection of door knobs with flower pattern

So our collaboration with Emilie Fitzgerald has lead to our best selling collection of doorknobs, perfect for upcycling a cupboard or chest of drawers. Just click on the photo below to browse our store. Aside from sprucing up your own home, you'll also be supporting a small business, and a student artist at an affordable price.

Until next time,

The Mango Tree Team 

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