Ceramic Cupboard Knobs - Mixed Set Of 10 Ceramic Knobs In Soft Pinks And Dramatic Purples (MG-01)

Mixed Set of 10 Ceramic Knobs in Soft Pinks and Dramatic Purples (MG-01)

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Mixed Set of 10 ceramic cupboard knobs in pink, white, lilac and plum shades with white dots and stripes to add a little warmth and glamour.  A simple way to instantly update your home.

  • Set of 10 Soft Pinks and Purple Ceramic Knobs
  • Hand Finished
  • Diameter 38mm - 42mm
  • Sylish Product - A Great Way to Transform your Room
  • Suitable for cupboards, wardrobes, kitchens, bathrooms and chest of drawers
  • Product code: MG-01