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When will my order arrive?

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What do I use these knobs for?

These knobs can be used on cupboards, wardrobes, kitchen cabinet knobs and drawers.

They mainly come in sizes varying between 38mm and 42mm.


I’ve seen a mixed set I really like can I add a few more to make it up to the quantity I need?

Yes just email us the details at info@mangotreeknobs.com - I will send you a quote. We are happy to suggest extra doorknobs if you need some advice. 


Will I receive the exact knobs as shown in the photo?

Yes, you will receive the knobs exactly as shown in the photo.


If I receive my order and it’s not what I was expecting or the colours don’t match my theme what should I do?

Please email us with any problems or queries you may have as we will always sort them out for you.  Any items can be returned for a refund or exchange.


Do I have to pay the postage to return items if I no longer want them?

Yes if you change your mind and want to return the items for a refund or exchange you will pay the return postage costs.  If the items are faulty, damaged or incorrect we will reimburse your return postage fees.


I want to return or exchange my products

You are able to return goods up to 14 days from when you received them. You will be responsible for the Goods until we receive them. 


I’ve received my order and one (or some) of the knobs is damaged.

Please email us straight away if you receive an item that is incorrect or damaged and we will send you a replacement.


I have very thick cupboard drawers will the threads of the knobs be long enough?

The threads can vary, usually between 28mm and 38mm, this is the space after allowing for washers and fixing nuts so as long as the thickness of the drawer is 38mm or less that should be fine.  Please email us if you require a certain length so we can check them for you.


I’ve received a mixed set and one of the threads is not long enough?

If you require extra long threads please email us and we will post them out to you free of charge. 


I’ve cut down the thread too far and now the knob won’t fit on to the cupboard what shall I do?

Please email us and we will send you replacement threads free of charge.


I would like to place an order, what do I need to do?

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