We don't just sell doorknobs you know...

This Spring we have new goodies for you to have a look at in our Home & Garden section! Let's get stuck in. 


First up is our old Dutch-style glazed pots. You can get them from us in four colours (deep blue, bright green, turquoise blue, two tone blue /grey). Each pot is unique, which gives them a bit of character. If you don't already have that many garden pots / featured out yet, we would suggest going for the the dark blue pot pictured above. Aside from being an attractive colour, it draws more attention to it than the other pots. A few of these could add a lot to your garden. You can click on any of the photos in this blog to see that product in our store. 



 Next we have our Whitestone Rose garden pots. These are gorgeous pots that create a real natural feel in the garden. We would suggest going country style on this one: get a lavender plant, or a mix of wild flowers. These types of flowers will pair up very nicely with your pot - and for those of you living in the suburbs you can pretend that you live far off in the countryside somewhere...

small-terra-cotta-flower-pot terracotta-garden-pot

Last but not least are our small terracotta pots (they are the ones in the middle in the picture above). They go very well accompanying larger pots in the garden. However, if you are interested in joining the cactus craze at the moment why not consider getting one of these spiky plants for inside the home. Put a few on a ledge near the kitchen window to bring nature into your home, and break down the divide between the home and the garden (within reason 😜). Another tip: you can also put these pots upside down on top of your plant supports. Firstly it looks good, and most importantly it will make the plant supports stand out so you don't poke yourself in the face! No one wants an accident 😬.

We hope you enjoyed reading about our new products, and maybe also you got a bit of inspiration too! Until next time.




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