Red and Pink: The new black & white?

Red and Pink? Isn't that a fashion taboo? Quite the contrary. It's already been trendy for a few years - apparently since fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker rocked pink trousers and a red top - and in Spring 2018 it's come back with a vibrancy worthy of its colours. In this blog we're talking colours for clothes, and colours for the home. 



Now I know what you're thinking. Okay fine maybe it would work if I were dressing up for an occasion - maybe a summer party. Or perhaps on holiday somewhere beautiful and hot where colour is more common. But why not try doing the contrast in a very subtle way instead of going full out contrast. For example, if you're already wearing a red top / shirt why not put on a cheeky pink bracelet or bangle. Or perhaps you have a silver necklace with a pink stone? If you are going all out and are going for neutral colours with the red top, why not rock some pink shoes? I know, outrageous. But you only live once. 


So what's this all got to do with the home? Good question. Colour trends between the home and fashion can often go hand in hand. So this Spring we're inviting you to inject a bit of vibrancy into your home too. Perhaps a full out pink and red living room might be a little too much. Might want to run it past the rest of the family first if that is the plan. But as we said above, injecting a bit of pink and red into your home with accessories could be a fun move. That's why we've put together a few Red and Pink sets for you all. Take a look at the vibe we're going for below: 



We are aware that our doorknobs are in the snow and this post is about Red & Pink in Spring but we couldn't resist sharing this picture again! They are having so much fun!... Anyway, you get the idea: rose pinks, ruby reds, glass, ornamental design... You can click on the two photos above to see the sets in our store by the way. These sets could compliment a variety of other home accessories including cushions, throws, candle holders, flowers and bold red chairs. 



As always, have fun accessorising.

The Mango Tree Team

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